Total Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon And What Is A Tetrad?

Plan on staying up late tonight for an awesome show in the sky.

Weather permitting, for the first time since 2011, all of North America will be able to see the full moon go from bright white to a dim and eerie shade of red or orange.

That’s why a total lunar eclipse is nicknamed a ‘blood moon.’

If you watch the whole thing, you’ll see larger and larger portions of the moon grow gradually… Read more


What Happened To Meteorologist Bruce Sussman?

Did you notice this picture?

It’s a question mark shaped cloud over Portland. I found this shot in my image archives and it seemed appropriate!

The short answer to the question about why I’m off off air is simple: news anchors and meteorologists sign contracts for a set number of years so that both sides can count on some stability and know how long that stability will last. This time my contract… Read more


Explained: How Oregon, Washington Dodge Tsunami Bullet After 8.2 Quake

The powerful 8.2 earthquake that hit off the coast of Chile on Monday April 1st was the world’s most powerful earthquake in two years!

That’s according the USGS database records I took time to search through so I could offer perspective on our 11pm broadcast tonight.

With a quake this large that generated at least 7 foot tsunami waves near the epicenter–why were there no tsunami warnings or watches issued for Oregon, Washington, California orRead more


6.9 Earthquake Off California – Why No Tsunami?

Earthquakes are strange, aren’t they?

You never really expect them.

You kind of forget the earth under your feet can move.

And then there’s a strong earthquake somewhere and you wonder: when will the big one happen near me?

That’s what I was thinking as I was posting quake and tsunami updates on social media–minutes after the 6.9 Earthquake off California on Sunday night March 9, 2014.

As this map shows, the earthquake was felt throughout the San… Read more


Oregon Drought Update

After two incredibly stormy weeks, it’s suddenly an ‘off the charts’ wet February.

And I’ve been asked if that means Oregon’s drought is over.

If you keep reading down the graphic, you can see for yourself the answer is NO. Portland’s total rainfall since the start of the ‘water year’ or ‘rainy season’ is just 61% of average. A huge improvment for sure. But we have more catching up to do.

And here’s… Read more


Fun Pics, Snow Totals From Snowiest February In 21 Years

It was the Ducks vs. the Beavers in what we might call the ‘snow bowl’ of Feburary 2014.

And this time, it looks like the Beavers win! (I think I’m hearing a ‘boo’ of a ‘yay’ depending on your feelings…) Eugene measured 9.5″ of snow from back to back storms and Corvallis measured an amazing 18″ of snow. Wow.

Both the Ducks and the Beavers beat the home of Portland State. The official Portland snow… Read more

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