Is Bruce Sussman Back on TV in Portland?


I've heard from quite a few blog readers this weekend--asking if I am back on the Portland airwaves, and if so, for how long. Well, I am back on the air, doing vacation coverage, through March 18th on the KATU Channel 2 morning news. I'm just filling in but it is so great to share the anchor desk … [Read more...]

Calendar Of Seasons 2015

Is it okay to write a blog post from a bit of a selfish standpoint? I took the time to look up the start and end dates of the 2015 seasons and now I'm putting them all in one place. Easier for you to find when you're debating a friend (months from now) over the start date of Summer 2015. And, … [Read more...]

The Year In Weather: Oregon’s 2014 Report


I think the craziest weather of 2014 award has to go to Sunriver--which had an incredible summer hailstorm that made it look like it had snowed! The temperature there also dropped more than 20 degrees in just a few minutes thanks to the thunderstorm. But west of the mountains the weather in Oregon … [Read more...]