Thousands Of Oregon Lightning Strikes In Last 24 Hours

It’s what I call the ‘fingers of God’ shot.

Doesn’t it look like God must be reaching down from the heavens into Central Oregon during this thunderstorm?

Vince Swagert sent this shot last night from Culver, Oregon which is SW of Madras, Oregon and not far from Lake Billy Chinook. He said the thunderstorms were still going after midnight.

Our lightning tracker at KOIN Local 6 detected more than 5,000 lightning strikes during a six hour stretch just in Central & Eastern Oregon.

It sure is beautiful–but it’s probably bad news for the northwest fire season. Lightning makes or breaks it each year. And although rain and hail put out some of the new fire starts, I am certain there are a bunch of ‘sleeper fires’ out there.

A sleeper fire might be a smoldering tree or log that’s barely burning. When the weather dries out and heats up again (hello, Thursday!) and continues to do so over the next few days, these tiny little fires often burst into flame and start burning things around them. Sometimes, these sleepers can last a couple of week before causing trouble. We’ll see what happens this time.

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