Portland Has Wettest September On Record

The final weekend of September 2013 was incredible.

And not because of sun and highs in the 80s or something like that. Wishful thinking.

Instead, Portland had about 3″ of rain in three days–making it the rainiest September in Portland history! Congratulations to the Rose City…

And it was more than just Portland:

Vancouver had record wet September during 2013. And Hillsboro had its wettest September on record, too. But why stop there?

Eugene had its wettest September ever (and a really wet home game against Cal!). Salem had it’s rainiest September on record. And Astoria, wow, what a sogfest. 10.70″ of rain when 2.14″ is average.

A special shout out to Typhoon Pabuk…that traveled all the way from Japan to be with us here in the northwest. Of course, the Typhoon itself was long gone…but it’s moisture and storm producing influence lived on.

The running power outage totals were in the 20-30,000 customer range both Saturday & Sunday with peak gusts of 47mph in Salem and 41mph at the Portland airport and 75 miles an hour in Garibaldi. All of this weather action is very rare for September. A month that many people say is normally their favorite of the year.

Oh well. I guess we can try again for some drier weather in 2014!


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