It’s Snowing In Portland – And Along The Oregon Coast

Of course, by the time you read this post, maybe the headline should say, “It was snowing in Portland and the Oregon Coast.”

Or, maybe it should say, “It’s going to snow in Portland and at the Oregon Coast.”

All three headlines would be correct. And I think that’s part of what’s driving so many people crazy right now. Aside from waiting for snow to stick. 

On the Bruce Sussman Facebook Weather Page, Danette, who lives in a hilly area of town, put it like this:

“This is the craziest weather I have EVER seen! Snow covered yard and car the last two days when I got up, 5:00 AM. Today as deep as my thumb, then it melts, then it snows a piddly amount again! Would it just SNOW!!!!

I’m totally on board with that idea.  But here’s the situation: these are bands (or areas, if you want to call them that) of snow. Like a bunch of soldiers marching in time, they’ll keep coming through on Thursday and possibly into Thursday evening. 

Many of us will see temporary accumulations (from a dusting to as much as 2″) for valley floor locations and beach cities. And in some lucky hilly parts of town, total snowfall could reach 4″ by Thursday night.

But what’s in-between each soldier marching down the line? Open space. And between many of these snow showers, we’ll see sun breaks shining bright, melting the snow from the previous shower. So, be prepared to be surprised on Thursday with more crazy weather like Danette described. Thanks for your updates on Facebook and Twitter.

By the way, I’m glad the snow held off most of Wednesday. And so are some of the best and brightest ‘web search’ and ‘social media’ experts in the country. I spent the morning listening to some of them at SearchFest 2011 in downtown Portland.

When you type a search into Google, which sites come up on the first page for you to choose from? That’s determined by a lot of different factors and the experts at SearchFest Portland are the ones who know how it all works!


  1. Hadley says

    Hi Bruce suss man
    My name is Hadley park I’ m a big weather fan I have
    2 questions why is it snowing here in Vancouver and
    Second what is the snow level in mount hood I just wanted
    To know just wanted to say hi to Jeff & Kelly.
    From Hadley

  2. Alan says


    How about explaining to us what the various colors on your weather maps mean. I see various shades of green, white, gray, yellow etc. Also, don’t make it a one time thing; do it every week or so. Maybe you could put a cheat sheet on the website.

    Thanks for the great job you and your crew do every day.


    • says


      That is an excellent idea. We need a cheat sheet or key on the radar. Especially when snow’s possible! I will also try to highlight those things more often during my weathercasts. Thanks again and have a great week!

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