Washington’s Largest Wildfire: Seen From Space And Aerial Drone Footage

washington-wildfire-spaceYou know the fire is big when astronauts aboard the International Space Station can take a camera and photograph smoke plumes.

Washington forests, up in smoke and seen in this NASA image right through the window of the ISS – the International Space Station.

Maybe you’ve heard, but the complex of fires burning Washington State in July 2014 became Washington’s largest fire after scorching more than a quarter-million acres of land. Spokane affiliate KXLY had a good write-up talking more about Washington’s largest wildfire.

But the thing that really has my attention: groundbreaking and heartbreaking footage of the fire’s devastation from a drone. Even though I’ve personally covered many devastating wildfires during my days reporting for KHQ in Spokane, watching the video had a big impact on me. It’s powerful.


Carlton Complex Fire Devastation Part 2 from Chelan HD Productions on Vimeo.


And one of the coolest things? The creator of the drone footage is giving us all a chance to help fire victims. Visit the page and donate to the ‘tip jar’ – the drone photographer says that money will be donated to local communities.

Lightning started these fires and more are likely this summer.

Hopefully the next round will be less devastating than the Carlton Complex which devastated communities like Pateros, Washington.


  1. pat lawson says

    These pictures bring home the stark reality of what these people have lost. I didnt know homes had been lost, I thought it was the forested area only. So tragic.


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