Famous Vermont Ski Resort Damaged By Hurricane, Tropical Storm Irene

By the time Hurricane Irene Slammed Vermont, it was Tropical Storm Irene.

Or as I hear people say way too often, “It’s JUST a tropical storm now.”

That Tropical Storm created Vermont’s worst flooding in 83 years!

This incredible satellite picture from Digital-Globe Imagery shows the power of Tropical Storm Irene that dumped at least 11″ of quick rain on the Famous Killington Ski Resort in Killington, Vermont. A resort owned by the same group that owns the ski resort at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon.

The red is actually healthy vegetation–we’re just seeing it a different color. But when you click on this image, take a close look all around the center lodge buildings in the picture. They’re surrounded by mudslides in almost every direction. Mud, everywhere, covering so much down below. That’s the power of ‘just’ a tropical storm.

I read this update on the Killington Insider Blog:

Following an initial overview of the storm’s aftermath, the K-1 Lodge Superstar Pub’s structural integrity was compromised by the volume of water running off of Roaring Brook, dislodging the building from its foundation. Killington Resort’s lift towers and structures, lodging properties and Golf Course have sustained minimal damage.

Road Condition Updates:

Please do not attempt to leave Killington via any route, whether by car or on foot. Suggested routes out of town have no parking available, and attempting a long hike on compromised roads is not recommended. Areas of Rt. 4 East and West available for foot crossing have no vehicle or personnel access on the other side and are therefore advised against. 

East Mountain Road to Rt. 4 is closed to all non-essential personnel. The road is very narrow in places and the integrity of the remaining road is still compromised. 

Our planning teams are working closely with transportation officials to establish a route out of town as quickly as possible without compromising the safety of residents and guests. More information will be released as soon as possible.

As power and phone service are re-established at Killington Resort, more updates will be forthcoming.

Mount Hood has certainly had this much rain fall in a short period of time–but here’s the difference: our big rainstorms happen when there’s snow all over the place. That pumps up rivers fast if it’s a warm rain. But at our resorts, anyway, there’s too much snow for mud to be an issue.

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