An interview With Koin Local 6 Meteorologist Brian Miskimins

Have you ever met someone who actually likes Mondays?

How about somebody who’s actually saved a life?

These things are rare, but both are true of KOIN Local 6 Weather Anchor Brian Miskimins.

Here he is with his fiancee, Laura. They’re getting married this summer.  But most of the time you’ll see him filling in on weathercasts on KOIN Local 6.

He and I love to debate the details of the forecast. For example, in winter: which forecast model will win? The one that gives us a bunch of snow? Or the one that keeps it just warm enough for only rain? In my ongoing series of Friday interviews, I think you’ll learn some surprising things about Brian.

I  know you grew up in Portland and have lived here all your life. What’s the craziest weather situation you remember – something other than the floods of 1996?Hmmm- that’s a great question. That entire winter kept us on our toes weather wise. I would have to say next to the floods of 96′ the wind storm of 95′ has to be the craziest thing. It happened on Tuesday December 12th. I was a sophomore at Portland’s Central Catholic High School and every school in town was shutting down that day @ noon. My Dad didn’t work too far away so I carpooled home with him that day. I specifically remember helping my Dad close up at his office when we heard a loud explosion and saw a bright flash of light. Two guys who had been outside walking hit the ground…we realized right away that it was out of fear for their lives they did. An electrical transformer exploded and dropped live power lines on the car across the street. We all made it home safely that day….but it was a scary afternoon.

Do you remember when you first became interested in weather – how did that happen? I remember for me personally it all happened one day when I was 6 years old. I was home playing in our play room when I looked outside and saw the sky was as white as it could be. A short time later it began to snow and from that point on I became fascinated with what caused snow versus rain.
What’s one thing that’s ‘harder than it looks’ when it comes to doing weather on live TV?The hardest thing for me to adjust to in TV was having someone talk into your ear while you are doing the weather. What some people may not know, is that we all wear IFB’s or what are known as Interruptible Feed Back’s- it is an ear piece that allows your producer and director to talk to you while you are on-air to let you know how much time you have. That for me was the biggest adjustment.
You and your fiancee run, workout and go to the gym more often than almost anyone I know. And although that’s good for you guys, one day it helped you save another man’s life. Can you share the ‘cliff notes’ version of that story?It happened during the series of snow events that we saw during December 2008. I had stopped by to pick up a friend. We both had the same trainer at the gym. As we arrived there was a guy walking to his car who collapsed right in front of me in the parking lot. I immediately went to check on him and realized he was having a full on heart attack. I began CPR while my friend ran into the gym to call 911 and get the AED from inside. While I continued CPR an emergency room doctor happened to be arriving at the gym. He grabbed the AED and began to hook it up. Long story short- we were able to give that man a fighting chance and I’m glad to say today that because of everyone’s hard work he is still around and we have become very good friends. God worked miracles that day!
Can you tell us one thing people may not know about you? One thing people may not know about me is I used to be quite overweight. I was always heavier as a child from about 8 years old on. Finally when I was 21, my grandmother had just passed away and my grandfather was about to pass away. I stepped on the scale and the scale wouldn’t even register what I weighed. It maxed out at 280lbs and the dial went past that. Something snapped inside of me and I looked at myself in the mirror and I said I know I have to change my lifestyle or I am going to die young. So I started by cutting out all pop and sweets combined with cutting portions. Within a month I introduced exercise- I started simple with just a mile a day. Then two miles, then four miles a day…walking and running combined. Within 7 months I was down to between 190-195lbs where I still am today. That was in 2001 and now ten years later I am happy to have been able to keep it off.
Thanks, Brian. Both of your last two answers are really inspiring. And thanks, too, for always having a great attitude. The PinPoint Weather Team really appreciates you!


  1. Lana says

    What happened to Bruce Sussman. He was my favorite newscaster. I hope the new lady is as good as he was!!!!

    • says


      He sure is. He’s doing an awesome job (as usual) doing fill in weather & traffic as well as sometimes putting together weather graphics while others are out live.

      Thanks for asking,

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