An Interview With KOIN Local 6 News Anchor Kelley Day

Update – July 28, 2014

If you’ve been wondering why Kelley Day is no longer on KOIN 6 News, it is because the latest owners and management at the station decided not to renew her contract.

She is a great friend and colleague. And she is also very respected in Portland’s journalism circles. Not only is she a native Oregonian, she also is an excellent journalist. I will miss seeing her on the news. But with as much talent as she has it’s only a matter of time before she pops up again on a TV screen near you!


She’s not afraid to ask the tough questions.

She’s personally interviewed some of the biggest names in politics, like Barack Obama, while he was running for President.

And she absolutely adores—make that practically worships—pugs.

In my ongoing series of Friday interviews I’m talking with KOIN Local 6 News Anchor Kelley Day.

#1: A lot of people know you grew up in the Portland area. But did you always know you wanted to be a news anchor?
I remember telling my mother I wanted to be a news anchor when I was 15.  I was watching Connie Chung, and said, “I want to do that”.  My parents were wonderful… and told me I could do anything.

 #2: I always tell people TV is kind of a nomadic business when you start out. Which cities did you work in before coming to home to Portland?
My first internship was in the Carmel/Salinas/Monterey market back in 1991.  I spent a summer there… then went back to U of Arizona to finish my senior year.  I interned at KVOA in Tucson during my senior year… then got an associate producing job there.  After I graduated in 1992, I did some reporting there… and then landed my first full time reporting job in Boise at KIVI in 1994.  I anchored the morning show there… and moved on to KSL in Salt Lake City in 1996 to anchor mornings as well.  Then in 1998, I landed my dream job, back home here at KOIN. 

#3: Tell us one ‘behind the scenes story’ – something no one watching the news would’ve known about (until now).
Here’s a funny ‘behind the scenes’ story.  When I was reporting in the field… My assignment editor sent me out to do a story on cryonics… because of the Michael Jackson rumor that he was going to preserve himself through freezing.  They told me they found a place in Portland that did this… and gave me the address.  My photographer and I showed up… and asked where they kept the bodies… and found out that it was a cryogenics lab that froze things… but certainly NOT bodies.  We all got a good laugh about it… and diverted to another story that day!! 

#4: You and your husband has ‘three little love bugs’ at your house. Can you introduce us to them? You do call them ‘love bugs’, right?
My 3 love bugs (and yes, I call them that) are the light of my life. Oscar, Spanky and Daisy.  My 3 little pugs.  The unconditional love they give every single day is such a blessing.  And with 3 of them… it’s like a cartoon strip every day in my house!!

 #5: Last question, asked because people ask me all the time. Do you really like your co-anchor Jeff Gianola? Or are you just faking it?Finally, I not only like Jeff Gianola… I truly love the guy.  I consider him one of my closest friends.  He is such an amazing news anchor… but he’s an even better person, father and friend.


  1. Chaplain misty says

    Awww how fun are they …And I do believe you though.. Dogs give the most unconditional love. Odie has given me more than I could ever return.. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. chris says

    Bruce Sussman might have a most forgettable face, but I can not take my eyes off of Kelly Days very beautiful wholesome face! When she is reporting on the 5 o’clock news, I often turn the sound down and just watch her beautiful smile light up the screen. I never listen to women anyway. what man does?

  3. Ernest Bethea says

    Great Interview, Bruce. I can say that along with Jeff Gianola, You and the rest of the KOIN Local 6 News Crew, I can trust Kelley Day with the news. It also doesn’t hurt that she has a Million Mega-Watt smile either. ;)

  4. Ernest Bethea says

    Hey Bruce, for your interview series, could you interview the rest of the KOIN Local 6 News Now Team? I’ve seen the interview with Chad Carter and I think you’ve done one with Matt Brode. If not, can you add him, Alexis Del Cid and Carly Kennelly to your short list?

  5. Dave says

    I just learned Kelly Day is no longer with Koin6. Wow! How rude and arbitrary. Kelly is one of the best. Kind of part of the family.

  6. Elaine Wiltse says

    Where is Bruce Sussman and where is Kelly Day? I realize Bruce left some time ago and I didn’t see Kelly tonight, but was introduced to Jennifer. Could you please give the public a little more information as to where they are. Don’t tell me Kelly is gone. Come on.

  7. Linda says

    People like consistency in viewing the news. We start to TRUST those we watch. Between losing Bruce Sussman and now Kelley Day , we will be looking for another news channel to watch after 40 years. If Jeff is wise he will move on before the ax falls on him and they hire a 30 year old blond to take his place.

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