BCS Championship Game Weather Forecast

Both the Oregon Ducks and the Auburn Tigers have been in Arizona for several days already and they’ve seen quite a few clouds and unusually cool weather so far with highs only in the 50s. Hey, that’s cold for Arizona! But things are looking up for thousands of Duck fans headed south by the car, bus and plane load over the weekend for weather during the BCS Championship Game on Monday.

  • Friday: a chance of showers and mostly cloudy. In the 50s, again.
  • Saturday: clearing skies and highs around 60.
  • Sunday: sunny and warming to 62.
  • Monday: sunny with a high of 65. 62 at game time but cooling into the 50s before the game is done.  

This is the desert in winter we’re talking about here, so plan on lows in the 35-39 range. But weather should be nearly perfect at game time. It can be a whole lot warmer, though. Check this out!

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