Rare Footage: Drone Surveys Arkansas Tornado Damage

tornado-photo-arkansasWe’re used to seeing pictures of the tornado in progress. Like this one from Kelly Linciome.

It shows, by the way, a tornado crossing the Arkansas River the last weekend of April 2014 on a track to kill more than a dozen people in Arkansas.

After that kind of devastation, it’s tough to get a handle on how bad the damage is or how widespread it is when your only point of reference is driving up to it on the ground. Most cities & law enforcement agencies do not have budgets for their own aircraft that could show them where resources might be needed first.

But drones may be about to change all of that. Watch this video from a drone near Highway 40 in Mayflower, Arkansas, after the tornado hit. Can’t you just imagine how this technology may someday help first responders? I sure can.

Thanks to@brianemfinger for sharing this important video with the rest of the world. As heartbreaking as it is, it shows us the possibilities on how drones can help!


  1. margaret pekarek says

    Bruce, thank you for being who you are! An Overcomer! I’m proud of you and I appreciate all you do for us out here in lala land! I’m always watching for you!!! Margaret

  2. says

    This sounds like it’s a “guad-copter” a RC drone that is controlled from below. I’ve been looking into these for use in our hot air balloon business as it will give us a photo platform that will “knock your socks off”. The beauty is that mini technology has now allowed us to see what the drone see’s in REAL time. For situations like damage survey I can imagine it would be FANTASTIC. The beauty is that the price can start at a few hundred dollars but well under the rental cost for a pilot and his manned aircraft even if you go NUTS in the “high end” of the drone market.

    • says

      Jim: thanks for your insight on these type of drones! I can just see it now: a drone tracks your hot air balloon flight and you have video of you in the air.

  3. Penny Forrest says

    Just want to tell you we miss your face, positive attitude, and enthusiasm for all things weather and Pirtland. Hope to see you again soon.

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