Spaceship Spotted Over Oregon?


It kind of looks like the 'mother ship' has landed. Or at the least, it seems to be on approach! That was my thought when Sherry Bergstrom-Byrd whom I know from my Facebook weather page messaged me with this incredible picture from the skies over Bend, Oregon during late spring 2014. The good … [Read more...]

Oregon Wildfire Wedding Photos

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It's your big day. If you're the bride, you've probably been dreaming about it since you were a little girl. You wake up to blue skies in the central Oregon town of Bend. What could possibly go wrong? Whoops--cue the first major wildfire of the year-- just outside of town and within view of … [Read more...]

Most Colorful Space Image In History


It's almost like 4th of July. The universe appearing, for the first time, like a sky full of sparklers all lit up at once. This is the newest and most colorful picture of space ever taken. NASA says a picture like this--was only possible when taken from space. In this case, it was from … [Read more...]