Funny Joke About Portland, Oregon Weather

I laughed out loud at this one. Jeff & Kelley were starting to wonder about me.

And with the weather in Oregon and Washington during early spring, the cartoon is not even a joke. It’s true. Right?

The great thing is you can easily substitute Seattle, Salem, or Vancouver for Portland, Oregon and the joke is just as true. I love it.

Where did I get this classic? It was emailed to me by Kay. Here’s what she wrote:

Dear Bruce…….

You are my favorite weatherman.  I am 75 years of age, and I watch you regularly.

I would like to see you offer us some spring weather, but after seeing this cartoon,

I can understand what you’re up against.

Thanks, Kay, for giving all of us a good laugh when we really needed one. Now, back to my web search for the cheapest tickets to Hawaii…

Other weather jokes I like are here.


  1. Darlisa Black says:

    I almost spit my drink all over my keyboard Bruce! good one!
    the other places that come to mind as even worse are Tillamook, OR and Forks, WA!

  2. Jennifer (Swanborough) Hricik says:

    Yes, and for all my friends who ask me when might be the best weather time to visit Portland…I’m stumped! It can be beautiful weather any number of dates, but it’s definitely not predictable.

    1. Bruce Sussman says:

      Jennifer–great hearing from you! I’d go by my rule of thumb: if it’s not July 5th, then it’s too early in the year to come visit the Sussmans. Or you.

      Unfortunately…most of my relatives do not listen. What do I know? I’m just a local weatherman, ha-ha-ha…

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