Most Colorful Space Image In History

most-colorful-universe-space-imageIt’s almost like 4th of July.

The universe appearing, for the first time, like a sky full of sparklers all lit up at once.

This is the newest and most colorful picture of space ever taken.

NASA says a picture like this–was only possible when taken from space.

In this case, it was from the Hubble telescope and it gives scientists more clues than ever before about our universe.

For the details on this best space photo ever, read this article from NASA.


  1. Patricia says

    Once again, thanks Bruce for keeping us up to date on exciting happenings around the globe (and outer space)!

    Question: the last few years the brown pelican population along the whole Oregon coast seems to have exploded: Do you think warming temperatures are creeping north from the birds west coast breeding grounds, California’s Channel Islands?

    • says


      Happy to do it.

      On the Pelican question…I don’t know. Could be climate change related–or could just be one of those things where naturally occurring changes allow it to happen.

      I’m thinking of our Salmon runs. Maybe 10 years ago we thought they might just end. The Salmon returns were that bad. But after record low years…we had record high years. And since then…solid years that are nothing too exceptional.

      We know ocean conditions play a big part in this. But there is so much we do not understand about what happens in the ocean.

      So the bottom line: more research is needed…and is happening on a lot of fronts.

      Thanks for asking.


  2. Richard Van Dijk says

    Any news on the job front? Or are you going to have an early retirement?

    Richard Van Dijk

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