Updated Forecast: Hot Summer For Oregon And Washington

cheetahs-resting-photoMy wife and I took the kids to the Oregon Zoo a few days ago. 

And by the looks of things our local cheetahs are settling in for a long summer’s nap as a way to ‘chill’ during hot Portland days.

Maybe the cheetahs heard it’s going to be a long, hot, summer after their handlers read my blog post from a couple of months ago talking about what Oregon and southwest Washington can expect during summer 2014.

It’s also possible they’re reacting to the way July has started in Portland. The Rose City hit 99 degrees on July 1st and now more than a week in, we’re averaging 85 degrees for a high. That number should be 79!

And it’s even hotter for the Willamette Valley around Salem, Eugene & Corvallis. July’s average high so far is 88 degrees. That number should be 81.

Updated Northwest Forecast: Long, Hot Summer 2014
The folks at the Climate Prediction Center do a great job of making easy to scan graphics talking about what’s ahead. This updated map is for July, August & September. In reality–these three months are summer in the northwest–so they matter most when it comes to our summer forecast.


 Here’s the bottom line from this map showing the summer 2014 forecast for the United States: most of the west, including Oregon and Washington should have an unusually long, hot summer. Most of Alaska and the southeastern U.S. can expect the same as well. These are the areas in brownish colors. The areas in blueish tones are forecast to be cooler than average. That includes places like Yellowstone National Park, Fargo and Minneapolis. 

The spots on this map labeled EC are where there’s an ‘equal chance’ of warmer or cooler than average temperatures. In other words, there are no real trends for forecasters to depend on or believe in. Better flip a coin if you’re reading from these areas!

So the updated forecast for summer around Portland and the rest of Oregon & Washington? Unusually hot. And unusually warm weather hanging in there clear through September. 

If you cannot take the heat, you might want to take a cue from the cheetahs at the Oregon Zoo. Plan on lots of time to ‘chill’ and take some long summer naps.

Preferably in an air conditioned room!




  1. says


    Thanks for the blogs. They are always of interest, and very informative! Had a feeling we were in for the long hot Summer and going to enjoy every minute. Always can bank on your predictions. You as usual are spot on!
    Still miss you on air. Not the same!

    Thanks from Greer and Layne Bailey

  2. Bill Alexander says

    Thanks for a great forecast!
    I do container gardening and I better get a drip system going real soon as getting outside to water produces a lot of headaches.

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