Portland, Oregon: The Best Summer Weather In The United States

Well, Portland technically has the second best summer weather, if you believe a new poll on the best places in the U.S. to stay cool & comfortable during the summer months.

But I’ll still call us number one. And here’s the reason I think Portland is the best place to spend a summer.

Portland Average Summer High: 79.2 degrees
Portland Average Summer Low: 53.2 degrees
Portland Average Dew Point: 51.6 degrees
Portland Relative Humidity At Daily High: 38%

This is according to Sperling’s Best Places, which put together the new list of “Chill Cities” in the United States.

So which city is number one? Seattle, Washington. Uh, say what?

Seattle Average Summer High: 74.9 degrees (can we really call this summer weather??)
Seattle Average Summer Low: 52.9 degrees
Seattle Average Dew Point: 50.8
Seattle Average Humidity At Daily High: 43%

So, the survey is right, Seattle is cooler.

But in my opinion, that’s more proof that Portland, Oregon & Vancouver, Washington really are number one in the U.S. for the best summer weather. What do you think? Portland averages just about 1″ of rain for July & August combined. That’s different than most of the U.S. which gets really wet at times in the summer.

Here’s the full Sperling report so you can see the “Chill Cities” for yourself. Or, if you want a hot summer in the United States, check out this Sizzling City list.




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    It’s too bad the survey didn’t go further north than the 49th parallel- then the real No. 1 place for summer weather would be found! ;-) Seriously, though, this has been a great summer all over the Pacific Northwest, and I’m happy to be living close to whoever gets the award.

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