Incoming – Unusual Cold And Possible Willamette Valley Snow

When it comes to accumulating snow on the Willamette Valley floor this winter, it’s the fourth quarter.

But the game’s not over yet!

Our two best players on the ‘snow team’ were benched much of the winter. But now, they’re back and ready to give each other the assist to get the job done. There are no guarantees in this game but…

Player #1 – unusual cold – this player hits by mid-week and really hustles in for the end of the week.

Player #2 – the snow maker – a disturbance that will drop south near the Washington & Oregon Coasts by mid-week or so.

As It Stands Monday: Big Picture On Washington & Oregon Cold & Snow

  1. Our chances for snowflakes to the valley floor (with snow in the hills) goes up starting Tuesday night & Wednesday morning. But as of now, I still expect highs on Wednesday to be in the the 40s. It’s tough to get sticking snow most places when that happens but we’ll watch the morning (when it’s cooler) closely.
  2. It looks like the best day for player #1 (unusual cold) and player #2 (the snow maker) to team up is Thursday. If they have the perfect game then we could end up with accumulating snow on the valley floor with highs stuck in the mid-30s. This would require pretty good snow followed by continuous cloud cover. The clouds would block the sun and snow on the ground helps cool the air. Like I said, this is only if the players have a perfect game. 
  3. If they play an average game, we end up with snow showers off and on Thursday and we see temporary accumulations in spots on the valley floor but sun breaks warm us to near 40. In that case the morning commute could still be an issue but the rest of the day I’m thinking most major roads end up wet.
  4. Friday – player #1 (unusual cold) really hustles in and steals the show. Player #2 (the snow maker) decides he’d rather play somewhere down south and heads that way. We turn dry and cold.

What I don’t like about this forecast, in general, is that our forecast simulations have promised a lot of low level snow at times this winter and have delivered next to nothing. We’ve been promised snow a few days out – only to have that player benched right before game-time.

If this is the real deal – I wonder if it could be like a scene from my favorite weather freak out commercial?

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  1. Melissa says

    I am from So Cal….never lived in the snow my whole life. So I love it when it snows… my husband laughs at me because when I hear snow in the forcast… I get glued to my TV…. almost obessed over it. I even wake up in the middle of the night and peek out the window when it is supposed to be snowing. And I am still waiting for the snow this winter… I hope this time it will happen. I have gotten smart though…. I don’t mention snow anymore to my kids… I figured if it happened it will be a nice surprise for them… that way they are not disappointed when players 1 and players 2 don’t collide!

    • says

      Melissa: that is a great strategy! I still feel badly about last Thursday. Our 3 year old woke up and said, “Daddy, is it snowing?” When I told him no he was kind of sad. Then he asked, “What are we going to have for lunch today?” So the sadness didn’t last too long!

  2. Brian Miskimins says

    Well put Mr. Sussman- I like the reference to the fourth quarter and the players- could not have said it better myself!

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