Spring 2014 – Portland’s Wild Ride

80319C00-IAEHWAhhh, spring.

Lazy Portland days with with temperatures slowly warming into the 70s.

Right? Wrong. Portland’s spring 2014 weather has been a wild ride!

I won’t even look at the whole spring. How about just the last week?

Sunday April 27th - chilly – sudden downpours, hail, thunder & lightning and a high of just 58.

Wednesday April 30th – very warm – all sun, all day long. High temperature of 83, hottest day since last September! Lots of places see record breaking heat:

  • New “all time high” for April: Newport hit 86 degrees. Previous hottest April day? April 29, 1900 – it was 84 degrees
  • 86 degrees, Salem – old record 83 (2004)
  • 85 degrees, McMinnville – old record 84 (1998)
  • 82 degrees, Eugene – old record 81 (2004)

Thursday May 1st – hot – record day in Portland, with a high of 89 degrees at PDX! This breaks the old record of 85 from 1998. Other records:

  • 90 degrees, Downtown Portland – old record 85 (1998)
  • 88 degrees, Vancouver – old record (1998)
  • 88 degrees, Salem – old record 85 (1947)
  • 88 degrees, McMinnville – old record 85 (1998)
  • 87 degrees, Hillsboro – ties record of 87 (1998)
  • 81 degrees, Astoria – old record 78 (1945)

Sunday May 4th – chilly – sudden downpours, hail, thunder & lightning and a high of 61 degrees

Can we possibly find some middle ground?

Not yet, anyway.

Just like in Congress, it seems we have to pick one extreme or the other.


  1. Karen says

    The weather’s been like a roller coaster… but hey, take a stroll through the neighborhoods around 33rd/Hawthorne in Portland – it’s beautiful with loads of charming homes bursting with bushes, flowers, trees of pretty blooms, colors that pop, worth a visit during spring. Definitely inspiring, magical, a place Opal Whiteley may have wanted to see, so please go see..

  2. tami says

    Its beautiful here
    in astoria today.Lots of sun and warm. Bruce the school children will miss you and your school visits.

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