The Super Moon – What It Is And When To See It

What is the “Super Moon”? When does the Super Moon appear? And How can I see the Super Moon?

These are all great questions buzzing on Facebook right now.

Because this is the weekend to see it!

What Is The Super Moon?
The Super Moon is the closest full moon of the year (scientists call this perigree). Because it’s the closest, it appears to be up to 14% bigger and up to 30% brighter than just your run-of-the-mill full moons! But the moon is still the same size in real life. So this is all an illusion.

When Can I See The Super Moon?
The super moon appears in Portland and Seattle skies about 8:30pm on Saturday night, May 5. That’s right, on Cinco de Mayo! Moonrise over Portland is officially 8:24pm.

How Do I See The Full Super Moon Illusion?
The best way to see the Super Moon is to look east just as the moon is coming up. The lower it is on the horizon when you see it, the bigger and brighter it will appear to the eye. Probably because it dwarfs anything else around: houses, trees, hills.



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